Online Class Schedule

Members: Kru Nat and the Muay Sabai team stream Muay Thai WnP conditioning, Pilates, and Yoga classes on Zoom. Reach out to Kru Nat directly for access to our Zoom room.

Be sure to check this page regularly this page for schedule updates.

For Non-Members: We really appreciate the interest! In general, our standard policies apply: you are welcome to take one intro class for free.

  • Reach out to Kru Nat directly at for details on how to attend our classes.
  • Prior to participating you must also download, sign (e-sign or photo), and send back the gym waiver to:
  • You must have some Muay Thai/Kickboxing experience to participate in our open classes. Beginners are welcome in our Thursday split classes.
  • If you’d like to continue taking classes, Kru Nat will be in touch to discuss your options with regard to pricing.
  • Please direct any further questions to the info@ email.

Weekly Schedule

*Changes for the current week are in red.


Cardio Blast (free) 12pm
Yoga 6pm
Fight Night (free) 7pm


WNP 730am
Cardio Blast (free) 12pm
Pilates 6pm


Open MT/ Wai Khru 730am
Cardio Blast (free) 1130am
WNP 12pm
Yoga 6pm
Open Meditation (free) 7pm


Cardio blast (free) 12pm
Open MT (Beginners welcome) 6pm
Pilates 7pm


Open MT 730am
Cardio Blast (free)12pm
WNP 1230pm
Fight Team meditation (by invitation only) 7pm





Important notes for new (and new-ish) visitors

Whether you’re new to Muay Thai, or you have previous experience, we love meeting new people! Here are a few things to keep in mind when you come to see us for the first time.

Please be at least 15 minutes early.

We need time to process your paperwork, show you around, and if you’re brand new, help you wrap your hands.

If you arrive  inside of that window, please understand that in addition to prepping for the next class, we’re often transitioning from other classes and activities—so we generally cannot include you in that session. Please do your best to arrange to come to your first class on day when you can arrive early.

Need help wrapping?

It can take a few times to get the hang of wrapping your hands. We have an instructional video on our site, but if you’re still learning and need help, please arrive to class at least 10 minutes early.

Our classes are all mixed-level.

If you’re accustomed to split-level classes, please be aware that our classes are structured for all levels.

We spar and drill light.

Our primary focus is technique—range, footwork, balance, and control—and our approach is traditionally Thai. If you are looking throw bombs while you’re drilling or sparring, this is not the gym for you.

Tell us about it.

If you have any injuries, tightness, or any other physical limitations (before or during class), let us know. Muay Thai will get you moving in new ways, so we want to make sure that we’re doing what we can to make sure your experience is fun and safe.