Instructors: Kru Nat, Coaches Giulia D’Ambrosio, Clifford Francois & James Saxa.

Designed for all levels, our Muay Thai classes include warm-ups (dynamic stretching, jump rope), bag work, pad work, technical drills, conditioning, and warm-down stretches. We value proper traditional technique, and strong, active footwork is emphasized over brute strength. Every class is safe, fun, and different—we guarantee that you won’t get bored, and will sweat like you’ve never sweat before!

If you’re a beginner, we’ll teach you all the basics of Muay Thai including all “8 weapons” (punches, kicks, knees, and elbows). If you already have experience, we’ll help you polish and hone your technique.


Instructor: Kru Nat

This sparring session is for amateur and professional Muay Thai competitors and aspiring fighters. Sessions will emphasize technique, footwork, speed and control. An advanced level required, and attendance must be approved by Kru Nat in advance.


Instructors: Kru Nat

WnP is a super-fun, high intensity strength and conditioning class, using high-rate intervals and friendly competition to push you to your edge. It’s so fun you won’t even notice how hard you’re working!

We utilize kettlebells, sandbags, jump rope, power wheels, battling rope, crawling patterns, rope climbing and many other challenging props and exercises to make you stronger, faster, and improve your balance for everyday life and the activities you choose to tackle.


Instructor: Stafford Davis

This is a mixed-level, Sport Jiu Jitsu class that focuses on the use of leverage more than brute strength to enable you to defeat bigger and stronger opponents in combat.


Instructor: Claire Baum

Recovery yoga on Mondays is a time for you to find more openness in your body. Active and passive stretching is utilized to release shoulders, lengthen backs, ease hips and bring symmetry back to the body. Postures and movements are paired with an active awareness of breath to stretch the body from the inside out. We also practice many pranayama (breathing techniques) to center the mind, slow the body, and move into our parasympathetic nervous system: great for the recovery of the mind and body between rounds.

Sunday’s Recovery Yoga is most akin to restorative or yin yoga. Students will experience longer holds in postures supported by many props for greater fascial and muscular release. This class emphasizes breath work (pranayama) and meditation as a way to find comfort in stillness as we let the body unwind and release.


Instructor: Cynthia Xavier

This one-hour mat class will focus on the basic principles of core strength. Strengthening the deeper abdominal muscles not only provides good core support, it facilitates better balance, posture and a more efficient way of moving. Props such as foam rollers and balls will be used in the class to challenge stability in motion.

Kru Nat is an avid student of Pilates. She swears that it made her a better, healthier and injury-free fighter for over 10 years!

Thai Massage & Muay Boran (coming soon)

Muay Sabai

Kru Natalie’s Muay Sabai is a healing, holistic meditative movement practice developed around the movements in the three levels of Muay Boran—the mother art of Muay Thai. Much like Tai Chi or Qi Gong, it is perfect for a wide range of practitioners, especially older populations with limited mobility, and/or those who prefer to limit impact-related exercise. “Peaceful Warrior” Kru Natalie’s philosophy of fighting and training, reflected at her former gym Chok Sabai (“Fight Relaxed”) is the foundation for this accessible—and even more relaxed, restorative program.

Kru Natalie has certified through Muay Boran Level 3 under mentor and friend Kru Kin Prayun Thawangat at Por Promin Muay Thai Camp in Hua Hin, Thailand

Thai Massage

In keeping with the healing and restorative direction of Muay Sabai Camp, Kru Natalie will be adding Thai Massage to her offerings, under the direction of Rujira Changuan (Khun Tang) at Herbal House Spa and Massage in Hua Hin. Khun trained as both a practitioner and teacher at Wat Pho, Thailand’s first and most revered center of traditional health. Kru Natalie will complete a 165-hour professional massage course, accredited by the Thai Ministry of Public Health. Massage has been an important component of Kru Nat’s self care, both personally and as a performance athlete, and she is excited to share this practice.

Wai khru ram muay

A ritual performed by participants before fighting in muay Thai competitions, this traditional dance conveys respect and gratitude to the boxer’s teacher, parents, and ancestors. As a practice, it builds balance, stability, flexibility, and strength—along with the peace and mindfulness that comes with the fluidity of ceremonial dance.

Important notes for new (and new-ish) visitors

Whether you’re new to Muay Thai, or you have previous experience, we love meeting new people! Here are a few things to keep in mind when you come to see us for the first time.

Please be at least 15 minutes early.

We need time to process your paperwork, show you around, and if you’re brand new, help you wrap your hands.

If you arrive  inside of that window, please understand that in addition to prepping for the next class, we’re often transitioning from other classes and activities—so we generally cannot include you in that session. Please do your best to arrange to come to your first class on day when you can arrive early.

Need help wrapping?

It can take a few times to get the hang of wrapping your hands. We have an instructional video on our site, but if you’re still learning and need help, please arrive to class at least 10 minutes early.

Our classes are all mixed-level.

If you’re accustomed to split-level classes, please be aware that our classes are structured for all levels.

We spar and drill light.

Our primary focus is technique—range, footwork, balance, and control—and our approach is traditionally Thai. If you are looking throw bombs while you’re drilling or sparring, this is not the gym for you.

Tell us about it.

If you have any injuries, tightness, or any other physical limitations (before or during class), let us know. Muay Thai will get you moving in new ways, so we want to make sure that we’re doing what we can to make sure your experience is fun and safe.